Selective Brush Plating

Selective brush plating, as its name suggests, is a technology that enables Mechem to selectively plate metal onto any localised metallic surface with excellent adhesion through the use of a 'brush'. This enables us repair smooth surfaces very accurately.

While selective brush plating can be applied to almost any metallic surfaces, the effectiveness and cost savings potential of such a repair technique is best illustrated in the following case scenario.

Repair on damaged cylinders in a printing machine
Rollers on an eight colour printing machine were damaged when an 8mm Allan key went through 6 cylinders. Both plates and cylinders were damaged. The cylinders were impossible to print on. Book orders were full and repair was needed immediately.

The repair:
  • Mask area in-situ
  • Electroplate copper
  • Dress back
  • Cap with nickel

    Considerable amount of savings can be achieved by using the brush plating method. Test printing was carried out, and a small amount of time was spent re-sizing some low spots. Brush electroplating was the best method for this repair. The work was carried out in situ.

    Other suitable scenarios:
  • Hydraulic Shaft
  • Bore on rotating body
  • Small stabilising jack rams
  • Planetary drive
  • Bearing diameter sizing
  • Server valve repair
  • Ship hydraulic steering